Easy Foot Support Brace - Bourga Zone
Easy Foot Support Brace - Bourga Zone
Easy Foot Support Brace - Bourga Zone
Easy Foot Support Brace - Bourga Zone
Easy Foot Support Brace - Bourga Zone
Easy Foot Support Brace - Bourga Zone

Easy Foot Support Brace

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Kiss Those Nagging Heel pains Goodbye With Fremedic™️- The Only One That Can Save Your Sole

Foot pain can be painful and quite dreadful to deal with. After years of market research and product development, we introduce to you the Fremedic™️. The insole that fixes foot pain, lifts fallen arches and gives your foot more optimal support around the clock. The Fremedic™️ does all the hard work so your feet won't have to suffer later.

Made with extra thick padding and foot support for heel and arch pain caused by fallen arches, plantar fasciitis, heel spurs, peroneal tendonitis, and many more cases. Which means you finally get the support you need for any foot problems you may be facing. Fits all sizes so you don't have to do any altering to them and can be worn with or without shoes.

Uniquely made with extra shock absorbing core that promotes balance and body alignment by reducing the excess pressure on your hips, knees, and back due to arch pain. 

Compression band built into the Fremedic™️ to make sure it stays in place at all times so you don't have to worry about it slipping off. Also made with advanced breathable technology that lets you wear freely without any sweating or overheating

Many people who have tried the Fremedic™️ for only a few days not only write to us how easy it is to use, they also write us saying how much the Fremedic™️ drastically reduced the pain occurs in there foot and helps them with there fallen arches. Get yours today so that the Fremedic™️ be with you everywhere you go and save your sole.


Comfortable- Thick cushioning helps alleviate the constant pressure on those fallen arches and gives them maximum support all throughout the day. Which means you can go through your everyday life pain-free again.

Fixes Posture- Did you know that fallen arches alters your posture and internally rotates the knee and imbalances the hip and even the leading cause to knee and back issues down the line. Not to worry...With the Fremedic™️, it instantly lifts up the arch and puts the entire chain back in balance from the ankle all the way to the knees and hips.

One Size Fits All- Fits all sizes comfortably without any altering or special instructions needed. Just simply place it around the area you're experiencing the pain, slide on your shoe and you're on your way.

Easy To Clean- Simply hand wash it with a wash cloth and some mild soap and that will do the trick. No special soap or cleaning instructions you need to follow. Making it easy to rinse and repeat.

Impact Resistant- Meaning that Fremedic™️ is built to last for years and years to come without any signs of wear and tear. Takes high amounts of force and impact on a regular and still delivers optimal comfort.